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G&T Projects engineers project solutions by providing consulting and engineering expertise. We specialise in the design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, construction and commissioning of projects.

G & T Projects was established in 2004 by Gerard L Nobin. We are an industry leader in providing consulting and engineering expertise to our valued clients. Being an International company, G & T is poised to provide effective support for your project needs.


  • Michael Quenet

    I am pleased to recommend G & t Projects as one of the leading contractors I have worked with in terms of consulting, project management and engineering services. The standard of their work and the manner in which the work is completed is first class.

    They are ready to go the extra mile and can be relied upon to complete their projects on time with high quality workmanship and the correct go forward attitude. I can confidently recommend them for future projects after witnessing their work first hand in several crucial projects over the 2011/ 2012 shut down period. The skills and services that they bring to the table make them a reliable and solid contractor.

    Michael Quenet
    Bosch Projects
  • Clinton Vermeulen
    I confirm that I have dealt with G& T Projects since 2009, during which time they have provided TSB Malelane with excellent support in the areas of consulting, project management and engineering services. Their work has been a major factor in our success during the important phase of annual 'shutdown' projects and emergencies that come up throughout the year. They have become. one of our most valued vendors.
    Clinton Vermeulen
    TSB Sugar RSA Ltd
  • Eric Leeton
    I confirm that I have dealt with G&T Projects since 2007, during which time they have provided my business with excellent support in the areas of Mechanical Engineering and Inspection. Their professional work has proven to be an essential factor in the timely completion of project deadlines and budgets. I can confidently recommend G &T Projects as a dependable and technically proficient supplier who have demonstrated expertise in their field.
    Eric Leeton
    UOP Chief Advisor, USA
  • Mischa Tjaglik
    G&T Projects has been engaged on project work at Mozyr Oil Refinery since 1 April 2006. The project engagement entailed heading up the welding pision and managing project work on the new HF Alkylation Unit. Today Mozyr Oil Refinery produces a wide range of oil products. G&T Projects and its management team have never missed a deadline apart from ones that were out of their control. They were always prepared to go the extra mile and always put forward feasible solutions to problems encountered. They are passionate about what they do and approach projects in a consistent manner.
    Mischa Tjaglik
    Mozyr Oil Refinery, Belarus
  • Eddy Wentink
    This letter serves to confirm that during our 2013 Annual Shutdown to refurbish our diffuser steelwork, G& T Projects was our preferred supplier in the delivery of this Turnkey project. Their dedicated team deliver a professional approach to work, understand the needs of the client and deliver a totally hands-on approach to seamless delivery. They partner with the business in bringing their expertise in-house to 'get the job done' We can confidently recommend G& T Projects as a solid and reliable supplier and experts in their field. We will continue to make use of their services for future shuts.
    Eddy Wentink
  • V Vidas

    I have worked closely together with the G & T Projects team during the 2020-2021 UCL phase 1 expansion.

    Since the clarification stage, G & T have shown their vast experience and understanding of the sugar industry and construction. This project was a brownfield expansion that had several constraints and challenges relating to the timeframe, accessibility, safety, quality and specialist cranage requirements.

    Throughout the project, the G & T management team had to manage their way through these constraints and challenges reporting progress, concerns and suggestions to the client and the rest of the project team. They worked well alongside the other contractors on the project. This all contributed to the successful and safe completion of the project within budget.

    I recommend G & t Projects for consideration on your next construction/ expansion venture.

    V Vidas
    Bosch Projects (Pty) Ltd
  • NF Surmin

    All work undertaken by G & T projects has proved to be excellent and all targets/ deadlines have been met. They have on numerous occasions completed complex projects that other vendors could not deliver on and have never failed to provide the best service offering at short notice with a degree of excellence.

    I am confident that G & T Projects will prove to be a reliable associate company. I trust that the information provided will be of assistance and will be happy to provide further information if required.

    I recommend them without hesitation.

    NF Surmin
    Lukoil Russia
  • AV Antonov

    I have dealt with G & t Projects since 2004, during which time they have provided my company with excellent support in the areas of consulting, project management, inspection services and engineering services.

    In addition to working with this company for over 7 years, I have got to know the Managing Director and founder of G & t Projects, Gerard L Nobin on a personal basis and his drive, tenacity and commitment to delivering a quality product is second to none be it with his staff provisions, professionalism or accountable deliveries.

    I can confidently recommend G & T Projects as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field. Their work has been a major factor in our Refinery’s success, helping it to become one of the biggest companies in Russia.

    AV Antonov
    NNOS Lukoil
  • Stephen Kitching

    On behalf of NCP Alcohols, I herby offer a letter of recommendation for G & T Projects, based on the work they performed on the NCP Expansion Project.

    We would like to thank G & t Projects for outstanding work and professional conduct throughout the course of the NCP Project. The diligence and dedication to the job played an integral part in the successful completion of the site works.

    G & T Projects project managers and site personnel worked supportively with the organizations representatives to solve issues and make sure project outcomes were met. Material procurement was timeously managed, and changes were handled with agility, ensuring workflows continued and completion targets were met.

    In closing I would highly recommend G & T Projects as a multi-disciplinary engineering and consulting firm and wish them all the success in their future endeavours.

  • Barry Hartog

    This is to confirm that G & T Projects administered projects in the following engineering fields, Piping, Structural manufacturing, Fabrication and site management. G & t Projects we found to be a competent and well-managed organization in the field of design, projects implementation, site management, fabrication & manufacturing, commissioning and technical data applications. G & T Projects were awarded projects based on their efficient and professional work ethics and their ability to execute projects to meet the client's objectives. We recommend G & T Projects to any organization that has projects relating to the fields mentioned above.

    Barry Hartog
    RCL Foods
  • Andrea Rossi

    This serves to confirm that G & T Projects has been contracted to provide the services of the Installation of Piping, Mechanical and Platforms for the following process area: Brown Stock Washing and Pulp Machine Screening plant to Sappi Saiccor Mill for its Vulindlela Upgrade Project located close to Umkomaas in the Kwa Zulu Natal province of South Africa, during the period August 2019 to May 2021.

    The Contractor has excelled in the provision of the required services, to the satisfaction of Sappi, fully complaint with specifications and stringent quality requirements. The Contract works were completed within the scheduled time and contract price.

    We have no hesitation to commend G & t Projects on their services and the very professional manner in which they have conducted themselves under sometimes difficult and trying circumstances.

    Andrea Rossi