Mission Statement / Core Values

G&T Projects are Leaders in Project Management and Instrumentation, Structural and Pressure Vessel Fabrication, Exotic Welding, Machining and Maintenance. We seek to excel in the field of engineering and offer highest levels of service.


  • To achieve the esteem of our customers and competitors
  • Develop sustainable partnerships with parastatals and private sector companies
  • To grow the company and capacity thereof
  • Develop new talent and expertise

Core Values

  • We take pride in our work
  • Provide service that is of a high and consistent quality
  • Establish ourselves as a caring and responsible company
  • Provide stable and pleasant environment for all our employees
  • Keep in touch with technological developments that render our services and products superior to that of our competitors


At G & T Engineering, Quality Management Systems & procedures have been designed, developed & implemented with utmost precision and perfection hence, leave no stone unturned to offer quality products and services to our customers. The quality management system provides the management and operation teams with comprehensive documented procedures for every aspect of Contract Services & Supplies. G & T Engineering considers satisfying client’s requirements and achieving project objectives as an essential quality issue. A commitment to quality is expected from all employees and the ‘Think Quality’ philosophy is encouraged in all aspects of our operations.

Quality Systems

Throughout the history of mankind, quality has played as important a role to determine the success and adherence to set standards. G & T Projects is committed to quality and safety systems. We have in-house quality systems and we are also versatile enough to work to other company’s quality systems as we have done with some projects.

We have manufactured products for overseas clients with strict quality standards to adhere to. This includes material certification, radiographic and ultrasonic testing by government approved inspection authority. We continuously monitor and improve on the quality of our products and personnel through continuous training.