Health, Safety and Environment Policy

We believe that workplace health and safety is of the utmost importance and that such an environment leads to the overall improvement and growth of our business.

Here’s how we attain and maintain a high standard of health and safety:

  • All employees are adequately instructed about their duties and are trained in various aspects of workplace health and safety
  • All individuals who work in our factory strictly adhere to our safety manuals
  • Workplace health and safety issues are integrated in all management decisions; especially in the selection of materials, machinery and equipment, as well as in the selection and placement of personnel
  • Personal protective equipment is provided to employees and is used on a regular basis
  • All the relevant statutory requirements as per the Occupational Health and Safety Act are strictly adhered to as the bare minimum in safety precautions
  • Potential workplace hazards are periodically assessed and the necessary precautionary measures are taken proactively
  • Interest and enthusiasm in safety efforts are rewarded through incentives for teams, individual employees and the entire workforce.